My school life thus far

Alrighty, so I am a 2nd Year Public Relations student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University…and heaped with homework!

We’re a class of 22 student (we use to be 23 but we lost one girl after first year to a position at Nature’s Path) of which there are only 2 guys!! That leaves them dealing with 20 highly opinionated, passionate and emotional women…let me tell you the dynamic is interesting!! We have a whole age range of students as well…from a couple girls who are 18 (though one just turned 19), a few in my age range (early 20s), and most in the mid to late 20s age range, with one older mom in the class. So quite a mix, and lots of different experiences!

I am definitely learning a LOT. I’m still in my first semester of my second year and so far am taking:

  • Event Planning and Sponsorship
  • Writing for Corporate Communications
  • PR and Advertising
  • Issue Management and Crisis Response
  • Computer Skills 3
  • Intro to Fundraising

And even though I’ve taken this kind of course-load on before…I’m feeling overwhelmed with projects! So I’m going to have to get on top of that!!

I think what I enjoy the most is that the classes are all very practical. A few of the teachers are fresh out of the field, like our Media Relations and PR Advertising teacher, Marsha who spent 8 years working in London’s media circus. Everything she taught us she backed up with a personal story, which I absolutely loved. It made me feel like what we were learning was super relevant.

First year focused a lot on teaching us all the basics.Bringing everyone up to the same playing field and teaching us how to write news releases…and some of the PR basics.

Over the two semesters of my first year I took:

  • Exploration in Mass Communications
  • Visual Design with Computers
  • Public Relations Writing I
  • Computer Skills I
  • Public Relations Practice
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Media Relations
  • Writing Newspapers/Features
  • Public Relations Research
  • Visual Presentations
  • Computer Skills II

So it was a lot…though my grades were quite good and I was actually looking forward to coming back after the summer holiday.


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