Ladies night out

I had a wonderful Ladies Night tonight!

Myself, a fellow classmate and friend – Shaina, and one of her friends, Pricilla, went to a shooting range out in Coquitlam –

We fired a couple of 9mm handguns. Shaina and Pricilla had never been before, whereas I’ve been to a range back in…2007(?) And fired a 9mm handgun, 12-gauge shotgun, a 9mm submachine gun, and a 9mm assault rifle…LOTS of fun! The 9mm submachine gun was by far my favourite!

After we all fired 50 rounds each at the range we decided to go for a bit of a nosh. Ad we headed back up the highway to Sammy J. Peppers…a restaurant I’d never been to…and which is now a new favourite! We had wayyy too much to eat (since it was all amazing food) and then we started in on the drinks so that we kept with the tradition of drinking on a Ladies Night!

Shaina and Pricilla…and I was pretty sure I had actually caught the bullet in the second shot…but upon closer inspection it’s just the shell.

Myself, and then at the bottom, the whole group of us just after we’d finished all our rounds, plus the man that came and helped us all out with safety and some how-to’s.

And this was our second target at the end of the night

Definitely a good night out!


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