Lost and Found

This weekend my boyfriend Patrick came over to Richmond to see me from Vancouver Island. He came over late afternoon Friday and spent all day Saturday and Sunday here before heading back to the Island Monday afternoon.

We had a wonderful weekend together. He’s never really been around Vancouver much so some of the things we did were:


  • Strolled through Gastown (something I’ve never done)
  • Walked along Granville Street


  • Walked all over Granville Island
  • Shopped at Metrotown


  • Watched the movie “Secretariat” in Theatres
  • Shopped at the stores along Granville Street
  • Got a Hot Stone Massage (it was part of my anniversary gift to us…I bought us some coupons for massages at a Swan Spa, right up the street from Waterfront Station)
  • Dinner at the original Old Spaghetti Factory in Gastown

It was a wonderful weekend. However, on Sunday night, after our Massages and Dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory I was heading to get on the bus from Richmond Center to my place near Steveston…and “WHERE IS MY BUS PASS?!” I couldn’t find it anywhere! So I had to pay for the bus and live with the fact that I must have dropped it somewhere that day and was out the $81 it had cost me for the pass. So now some lucky person had just gained a monthly Bus Pass for free.

Losing things irritates me beyond belief. I am a rather organized person and like for things of mine to have specific places and homes…for the exact reason that I don’t want lose anything!

I had lost my set of keys last month and this included my 8GB school flashdrive, my room keys, and my boyfriend’s house keys. Someone must have found them, taken the flashdrive and chucked the keys in the trash because they still haven’t turned up (But I’ve replaced them since). This was the first real experience I’ve had with losing things, since normally I’ve very careful with the things I use everyday.

Needless to say when I realized I’d now lost my bus pass and Student ID…I was in one of those moods that caused Patty to step very lightly.

Today when I got to school I went straight into the Library and got myself a new student card and put some printing money on it (the color printers at our school cost money and I always like to have money in my account so I can print ASAP if I need to). I then went and bought myself some one-zone bus passes since it was too late in the month to buy another monthly bus pass. Then I went about my day.

Earlier this evening I got a message on Facebook from a man who works at the North Face store on Granville Street. He found my Student ID and Bus Pass and is holding them at the desk for me to collect at my earliest convenience. It made my day and has made me love the random acts of kindness that strangers display…although I find it sad that these acts of kindness seem to be few and far between.

Thank you Gaetan Kill from North Face. You give me hope.


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