The bane of my existence…and my constant companion.

I get busy doing anything and everything other then what I should be doing. I’ll clean my room, do some dishes, cook, fold my laundry, browse Facebook, post on Twitter, reblog on my tumblr, organize my school work…you get the picture. And I tend to slack on my schoolwork…which isn’t good considering I want to go into PR!

Something I have been lacking on though is actually posting anything to my blog…aka – here. I have a very active tumblr account mostly of reblogs…images and quotes I like as well as a little bit of original content (picture/quotes). However I wanted to stay away from that here on WordPress…in my head I wanted to post more original content but that seems to have hindered me from posting…period! I did state that these are my adventures (Adventure of a Red Head)…so I think I should start endeavoring to make a post everyday.


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