Busy Bee

This last four weeks of my semester are going to be intense!

I have a bunch of small reports dues and a few presentations, an interview with a fundraising professional…as well as a Marcom Plan (marketing communications), a Crisis Communications Plan, and a final exam. It’s going to be buuuuuusssy!

Today is my Friday, since tomorrow is Remembrance Day and I have no classes. I’m heading back to the Island tonight to visit my parents for a Remembrance Day dinner with my boyfriend. Then Friday morning I’m heading back to the mainland because my class is holding a fundraising thing at Bar None in Yaletown. Its basically going to a nightclub, but we get 100% of ticket sales and that money is going towards fund our real fundraising event on March 1st.

One of our real life projects in 2nd year is holding a fundraiser for a non-profit organization of our choice. We’ve chosen to to an organization called Small Talk. (http://www.smalltalkbc.org/cpc2/smalltalk.cfm)

Small Talk Preschool is a specialized early childhood intervention centre for children who have been diagnosed with language-based learning difficulties. What we’ve planned so far is to hold a cocktail-style reception with a silent/live auction, appys will be served all night and there will be a no-host bar. The theme we’ve chosen is “Back to your childhood” to help tie in the fact that Small Talk is an organization that deals with children. After a couple weeks of debate we finally chose “A Night of Make Believe” for our event name…but we still don’t have a venue!

It’s been an interesting road so far and we still have a long way to go. Our class has been divided into 3 groups to minimize the risk we forget something. I’m on the Sponsorship/Silent Auction Team, and there is also a PR/Marketing Team as well as a Logistics Team.


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