Tumblr vs 4Chan

I’m still not sure how something this silly went viral…but it did. For Tumblr and 4Chan users anyway.it’s basically a war between Tumblr.com and 4chan.org

I’m a fan of Tumblr, a big fan. I’ve cruised around 4Chan too and it’s basically crude, racist, funny, pornographic…and everything in between. (but that’s mostly the /b/ thread on 4Chan)

Tumblr gets the rap or being full of hipsters and little girls whereas /b/ is just…well guys being guys. Tumblr would “steal” ideas and memes from 4chan without giving credit…and the straw that broke the camel’s back was the “What is Air?” meme. This caused 4chan to declare war on Tumblr and Tumblr reciprocated and won. But the battle goes on…its funny and sad too.

There’s a site called Omegle where you can be connected to and chat with random stranger via video or text chat. I had never tried it until last night…where I started talking to some guy and he asked about how I’d heard about Omegle. I said I’d heard about it on Tumblr since I was a user. He then proceeded to flip me off and disconnect…I’m guessing he’s a 4chan guy. Thanks Tumblr and 4chan, your war is sad, entertaining and all over Omegle.


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