Rainy Days

As a child I loved jumping in puddles on a rainy day…provided I was wearing rain boots. And sometimes, depending on my mood, I would go out in a downpour sans umbrella and simply enjoy the rain. Sometimes I enjoy those thorough soakings…however it did have to be somewhat warm out.

As I’ve grown up I’ve stopped wearing rain boots and now I avoid puddles without giving it much thought. I moved to Richmond last year and it rains a lot in the Vancouver and lower mainland area. I’ve normally just worn my standard running/hiking shoes and done my best to avoid puddles…however boots have come back into fashion in a big way, so I wanted to get a nice pair of patterned boots.

For Christmas last year my mom bought me a cool pair of black and white rain boots from Ingledew’s. I didn’t wear them too often because there hasn’t been too much torrential rain, however this winter that will change! Today it was raining quite hard (and threatening snow) and I decided to wear them.

Now, instead of avoiding puddles I go out of my way to walk through them. I love it and it’s an easy way to put a smile on my face…without getting my feet wet. It’s one of those things that takes me back to my childhood…splashing in puddles.


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