First Snowfall of the Year

For the past few days there have been reports of snow all over the Vancouver and lower mainland area. It was snowing in Chilliwack, Burnaby and Surrey on Thursday Nov. 18th. However there was nothing in Richmond (where I live) all day Thursday or Friday, much to my unhappiness.

I haven’t had a good snowfall in over 2 year. Last year we had one brief day of some pathetic snow on December 14th 2009 (I only remember that because it was Patty’s Birthday). The year before that, 2008, I missed a horrible winter with about 3-4 feet of snow because I was in Australia. So I was looking forward to snow, and plus, the first snowfall of the year is somewhat magical to me.

I’m somewhat of a night owl, so at 1 am on Saturday morning I was still awake. I thought I’d duck my head outside one last time to see if it had started to snow yet. As son as I flicked the lights on I was greeted by the sight of a good 3-4 inches of snow, and it still coming down in fat, wet flakes. I was so happy I ran back to my room, got suited up in my boots, toque, and winter jacket, and ran outside to walk around in the snow.

I was born in Alberta and some of my earliest memories are of practically wading through snow. I remember making snowmen and walking to school in the icy cold mornings.

When I was 7 we moved to a quiet acreage in Coombs on Vancouver Island. The winters are very mild on the island, mostly full of grey skies and endless drizzle. However, when the first big snowfall does hit…it’s gorgeous. Trees become laden with snow and all the normal noises of dogs barking and cars on the distant highway, become muffled and silence falls. This silence is only broken by the snap of branches and the fall of snow when they break from the weight. When the sun comes out it glitters across the snow blindingly. I love walking in untouched snow, feeling the cold air sting my cheeks and throat. I also love being outside so long that I become so accustom to the cold and when I go back inside it seems marvelously warm. Our house has always been heated by wood heat so standing in front of the fireplace once I’ve stripped off my sodden snow gear is wonderful. These are some of the reasons I love winter.


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