Social Media 101

Last night there was an event downtown at the SFU Harbour Centre in Vancouver that I attended. It was a student event hosted by CPRS Vancouver (Canadian Public Relations Society) and it was on Social Media 101 – a conversation with Vancouver’s top online influencers.

I learned a lot! There were 4 speakers present, the order I met them in was:

  • Natasha Davies – for Peak Communications
  • Raul Pacheco – AKA the wonderful hummingbird604 (and a teacher at UBC)
  • Dale Tournemille – Manager and E-marketer at Coast Capital Savings
  • And last but definitely not least Gus Fosarolli – Client Relations Manager for Marketwire + Sysomos.

The 4 of them rotated between the 4 different tables of students. It was amazing to get to talk to these professional who are currently out in the field and doing exactly what they were telling us. I felt that everything I heard that evening was highly applicable and practical! Some of the things I learned were:

  • Don’t necessarily do social media as a career, but do it as a section of your day.
  • Be yourself online!
  • Drive your online conversation in a way the benefits you.
  • One of the easiest ways to build a community online is to retweet.
  • Don’t ask for something from others if you wouldn’t do it for them. (Like asking someone to retweet a post if you’ve never retweeted anything of theirs)
  • SOCIAL MEDIA IS A TOOL! It helps you to build relationships.
  • You can use social media tools like facebook and twitter to make a more human face for your brand or company by adding more interactions and entertainment.
  • If you are tweeting on behalf of a brand or organization, don’t forget to add a human face to the company, but keep the posts/tweets appropriate. (Not necessarily posting what you had for lunch or if you stubbed your toe)
  • If you want to build links to your blog, use twitter. (Which is what I should do!!)

Those were some of the biggest thing I got out of the event. It was definitely a success in my mind. Not only did I learn a lot but I learned from professionals who are out there NOW doing it NOW and being successful.


4 thoughts on “Social Media 101

  1. That sounds like a great event. I remember doing something quite similar with the Toronto chapter of CPRS while I was in PR school too.
    Plus, Gus is a great guy (at least he seems that way online; we’ve never actually met face to face).

    Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos

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