Catch up!

I have been wonderfully slack in the blogging department these past few weeks. I have been loaded down with the massive amount of projects that have been due for the final 2 weeks of school. However that is all over now! Yesterday was my last day of school until January 4th, so I shall take a PR break for a while and retreat to the Island to spend the holidays with my family…so after this you won’t hear from me until the New Year! (except for a blog post about my year in recap)

Well where to start…there was a wonderful CPRS Holiday Party on Dec. 7th at the Kingston Taphouse and Grill in downtown Van. I was able to network with some older acquaintances and meet some new ones whom I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting on Twitter. One such Pleasure was the lovely Deborah Chatterton, a Professional Development (junior -mid level) Director of CPRS. It was wonderful to finally meet her in person and put a real face to her name.

I also had the opportunity of having another lovely conversation with Simon Briault, who I met earlier in the year at the CPRS Socialize Kick-off Event. He’s the Volunteer Director at CPRS and so far I have always enjoyed talking with him, both in person and on Twitter.

One thing I have to say I was surprised by is that more of my PR classmates didn’t come. It was only myself, Lydia Frey and Mitch Gibb. The CPRS events are such a good way to meet new people; professionals currently in the industry, so I’m always somewhat surprised that more of my classmates don’t take up the opportunities. Either way, the company was wonderful, the food was good and alcohol was in abundance. All in all it was a wonderful night.

I also went to the Vancouver Christmas Market by the Queen Elizabeth Theatre yesterday with a couple classmates. We had our last class that morning (which was basically just to come and turn in a final assignment and then take off) Then headed to the Market near the Vancouver City Centre Skytrain stop. I have to say that I was a little disappointed…maybe its more fun when you go at night (Shaina, Charis and I went around 1pm). I had heard about it online and seen some pictures and expected it to be a little more…well more then what it was. I will say that the cider was amazing! For $8 I got a non-alcoholic mulled cider and a Vancouver Christmas Market mug as a keepsake. Before you leave the market you can choose to return the mug and get your $4 deposit back (so technically the drink only costs $4). I didn’t try the alcoholic one since I’ve tried mulled wine before and it was a little disgusting in my books…now that may also be simply the recipe our friend used. However I wasn’t about to spend money on something I wouldn’t enjoy. They had two different types of non-alcoholic cider there, at one booth there was a mixture of grape juice and couple others with the mulling spices and at the other booth there was the traditional mulled apple cider. I’d never tried the juice medley one before and I quite liked it. Sadly though…that was my favourtie part of the market. There was a booth that sold lovely ornaments and a few booths that sold German sausages, bakery goods, and treats. I was a little underwhelmed…but it only cost $2 to get in and was still an good experience.


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