Christmas Time

Look at that! First you don’t hear from me in two weeks and now back to back!

Christmas…that simple word has so many things packed into it.

A lot of people immediately think of presents…and I’ll admit it’s on the top ten things that cross my mind…but it’s not the first.

I think of family, loved ones and friends, good food and laughter. I think of decorations, and the smell of pine trees. I think of the cold, and the way it makes it so nice to come into a warm home. I love the smell of home cooked meals and mulled apple cider (I’m going to come back to this in a moment). I love the little thrill I get when I see the Christmas tree all lit up in the living room and the decorations in the house. Christmas is about love…not gifts.

Back to the bit about the mulled cider…for me, having Mulled Apple Cider is key to making me feel Christmas-y. Normally my family will go buy a big jug of organic apple juice and then we add mulling spices to it over a heating element. The smell of cloves and cinnamon fill the house and it’s wonderful as we listen to Christmas music or decorate the tree (which we will be doing this coming Thursday). In essence, that is Christmas to me. I could care less about the gifts, though they are nice. It’s more important to be surrounded by my family, loved ones and friends.

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you are surrounded by love and stuffed with wholesome, home cooked food.


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