Welcome to the New Year!

Well hello 2011! There’s always a sense of excitement for me as a year draws to a close. I love New Years and the countdown to midnight.

All in all I would count my Christmas holidays a wonderful time of family and friends. I got a lot of visiting done and had plenty of wholesome home cooking, which is what the holidays should be all about. (Not about the receiving of gifts)

New Years was a very fun occasion, I helped to set up a black light party at my friend Bridget’s house. We’ve been friends since grade 2 when she first befriended me. Even though me may not hang out tons, when we do hangout it’s like there was never a separation, and this I believe is one of the key ingredients for a successful friendship that will last years.

I returned to Richmond for school on the 4th and have so far been enjoying my final semester at Kwantlen before I get my diploma. We have a one month internship to complete in March which will be the most interesting part of the semester!


So far it has been a good start to the year and I am looking forward to the rest of it!


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