Dine Out 2011 – Mistral Bistro

In a couple days the 9th annual Dine Out Vancouver will draw to a close. For those that don’t know what Dine Out is it’s basically three-course menus from 215 of Vancouver’s hottest restaurants and bistros offered at deliciously low prices such as $18, $28 and $38 from Jan. 24–Feb. 6.

I had never attended Dine out before…and until last year I didn’t even know what it was. However thanks to my classmate Charis I now know what it is. With that said, I was still not super keen to take part since it’s not exactly entertaining to go out to dinner by yourself.

So last night a group of my classmates and I got together and went to a Dine Out place called Mistral Bistro on the corner of Broadway and Trafalgar. Their menu was in the $28/per plate range and the food was amazing!





For my Appetizer I chose the Fresh Dungeness Crab in layers with avocado and cocktail sauce, wrapped in Smoked Sockeye Salmon (LEFT). It was delicious, the smoke salmon added a really nice flavour and with the avocado on the bottom it tasted wonderful. There were 2 small slices of grapefruit on the top and they added a nice little bit of tartness to the dish.

For my main, I chose the Grilled AAA Alberta Rib Eye Steak, with a creamy green peppercorn sauce, and house fries (RIGHT). I got it medium rare, since that’s how I use to eat my lamb while travelling in Australia and I tend to enjoy my beef on the more tender side…but still cooked. The sauce was amazing, I was salivating before the server even placed the plate in front of me. The peppercorns added a nice little kick without being over powering and the house fries were very nice, lightly crispy and without the greasy texture most fries have.

To top it all off, for dessert I picked the Chocolate cake with the bistro’s well-known Mistral Mousse au Chocolat, whipped cream and finally drizzled in Chocolate sauce. This was probably the best chocolate cake I have ever eaten. When it arrived it looked like this super dense cake that would be more like a fudge then a cake, however it was so light in texture considering how rich it tasted. I can also see why their mousse is so sought after…It was AMAZING. It had the consistency of homemade ice cream…not like some of the mousses I’ve tried.




All in all it was delicious and fully satisfying experience. I would definitely go there again! It was also a good thing I arrived hungry because they served generous portions and I ate every bite. It was too good to waste!

This was the group of us. From left to right: Michael, Lesley, Shaina, Charis, Mary, and myself.


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