Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

I hope that whether you are single, in a relationship, or anything in between that you have a day full of love.

I don’t curse Valentine’s Day, but I don’t place a lot of value on it either. I have never been one to believe we should love someone more or less on any given day, be that Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas…they are all simply another day to me. I don’t mind taking that time to go on a date with a friend/boyfriend or what have you, and simply enjoy each others company, but I’m not one for huge fanfares of affection that can end up being quite costly…

I remember when Valentine’s Day use to be more about making and receiving Valentine’s cards from my friends then about buying chocolate or flowers! Since then it has simply turned into another commercial holiday. However I don’t have anything against this. I won’t deny the fact that I don’t mind going out for a nice dinner…and if they’re offered I never turn down chocolate or flowers but if I don’t get anything that is 100% fine as well.

My favourite part about February is the return of the candy cinnamon hearts. I love them! I have a friend that works at a grocery store in Parksville on Vancouver Island and he knows how much I loved Cinnamon hearts. Last year after Valentine’s Day when they take all the candy off the shelves he got me a kilogram bag for $0.99! Needless to say I didn’t eat them all myself!

This year was a pretty quiet Valentine’s Day since I was in Richmond and my boyfriend was at home on the island. We’ll be having a nice little dinner and movie date this coming Friday night, just the two of us.

Happy Valentine’s Day all! Till next year…


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