My favourite TED talks

One thing I would like to do is spend more time listening to talks on TED. It’s basically a website that posts talks and all kinda of presentations and their motto is “Ideas worth spreading.” I haven’t had the opportunity to listen to many of their talks…but the ones I have listened to I’ve enjoyed. The talks I’ve heard range from topics on funny things like the significance of “4 am” to things like Seth Godin talking about standing out. I’ve been exposed to these TED talks through my various classes in PR and my four favourite talks are the following (in no particular order):

  1. Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity/genius. (She’s the author of Eat Pray Love) (19:32 mins)
  2. Rives on 4am (One of the more funny presentations) (9:09 mins)
  3. Seth Godin on standing out (He’s a marketing guru/genius) (17:04 mins)
  4. Tony Robbins on why we do what we do (I’d love to hear a full talk of his) (21:48 mins)

I strongly urge you to take the time and watch these presentations…or cruise TED for yourself. It’s a very cool website!

I would also love it if you would like to share a particular talk you found hilarious or inspiring! I’m always open to recommendations.


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