First Day At Think!

Part of my PR program’s second year requirement is for the students to spend a month of their last semester doing an unpaid internship (sometimes it can be paid…but rarely). So the second year  get increasingly stressful until BAM you’re on your practicum…plus you’re responsible for finding your own practicum. So far this semester we’ve planned a huge event (where we raised over $10,000) and had the regular 4 months worth of classes and projects crammed into 3 months. This is then followed by our month-long practicum/internship and then a couple more projects due in April before we’re done! So the practicum basically signals the end of our schooling…which is a combination of “Hooray!” and “Oh shit…” So there’s an interesting mix of excitement and nervousness!

Carrying on…with all that said, yesterday was my first day of my practicum! This year the ‘month’ goes from March 7th to April 1st. So here I am!

I’m working with Think! Social Media for my practicum, a small, fun group based out of a building in Yaletown just up the street from the Yaletown-Roundhouse Skytrain stop. They’re a social media agency with a focus in the tourism industry. On their website it very accurately describes that they provide “Social Media solutions for the Tourism industry”. About 90% of their work is in BC and rest is spread through Alberta and a couple other locations.

Yesterday I was tasked on compiling a media list for them, including some of the major media sources and tourism/marketing media from North America, Canada, BC, Vancouver area, and Vancouver Island…so far I’m on 7.5 pages and I haven’t even started on Alberta yet! Overall yesterday was a great start! I felt productive and got a fair bit done.

On a more casual note Rodney Payne, the founder and executive director, took Robyn, Phil and I out to lunch at the Hurricane Grill in Yaletown. I’d never been there before and it was quite good!

I also wrote Happy Birthday on a whiteboard for Will one of the other Think!ers.

Myself, Robyn, Rodney and Phil

As for today, my second day at Think! I believe it will be more of the same = working on the media list and a couple other tasks. It is Rodney’s birthday today and Phil brought some balloons and little Happy Birthday hats that we were wearing…but everyone has gradually taken them off (Mine was the last one standing, hahaha).

Anyway, back to work!


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