Vancouver’s Biggest Bake Sale

Once of the signs at the entrace to the Roundhouse Community Centre

Last week, on April 20th I went to a bake sale fundraiser at the Yaletown Roundhouse Community Centre called “Bake for the Quake”. It was planned by two local food bloggers, Melody Fury of and Joy of, as a collaborative fundraiser for the Japan earthquake and tsunami relief. All proceeds from the bake sale went to Doctors Without Borders. Initially they had hoped to raise $5,000 but after being flooded with over 650 people in a 2.5-hour time frame, they had raised $7,136! So what was expected to be a rather small time bake sale was instead one of, if not the, biggest bake sale in Vancouver’s history.

A few of the bakers and their wares nearest the door

It was a very fun little event! There was live music and a huge array of different goodies to choose from. To find more info on the event, and to see some pictures check out the bake sale’s official website:

One of the cool things I really liked about the event was how they handled the money. As you were waiting in line to get into the actual room of the event, there were volunteers roaming the line up selling tickets. These weren’t raffle tickets…they were your form of money once you got inside! Each ticket you bought was worth a dollar, so instead of fumbling for money and change you simply dealt with tickets, and bought more if you ran out. Most items were worth 2-3 tickets (most cookies and cupcakes) other things like the various loaves and other higher priced goodies could range all the way up to 15 tickets (or $15)!

Almost everything was wrapped...and some vendors put a lot of effort into making theirs look nice

Initially I spent $25, however I ran into a previous coworker, Robyn Hanson, who had been given a bunch of tickets, and she then kindly gave me 5 of her tickets! So I got an extra couple items with that. Other then Robyn I only ran into one other person I knew, Saschie, a classmate of mine. She was there as a baker though and she made some fabulous 2 ticket cookies.

All in all it was a good event aside from the total lack of space…however the organizers were not expecting anywhere near the volume of people that ended up coming…so that I understand.

The following two pictures are of the things that I bought…with the exception of the Chai Cupcake I ate on the Skytrain ride home. The rest of the images are others I took at the event.

These are some of the cuter things that I bought

These are the rest of the goodies I bought...with a more chocolately theme.

I took a picture of these for my sister...she loves cute things like this

This was 45 mins after the start of the event...and this guy was totally sold out!

Annnd this was the shortbread table. All of them were so nicely decorated I didn't know what to pick!


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