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Updates From a Slack Blogger

Well I officially fail at trying to keep any semblance of consistency on my blog (for posting that is). But it’s not about being perfect right? (Right??)

So what’s happened since January? Well I turned 22 for a start…a very quiet bday…as in I sat at home and watched movies while being accompanied by wine and cheesecake.

I also got the joy of packing across my bday weekend because I moved into a new apartment at the beginning of February. I’m still in North Van, just waaaayyyyy up at the top end of Lonsdale Ave. It now takes me just under an hour to get to work via transit…but it’s so worth it. I’m in a wonderful and quiet neighbourhood with lots of greenery and flowers. The houses are big and beautiful, plus there’s a park a half block from my place. In the evenings, when I’m walking up the hill from my bus stop, I can turn around and see all of Vancouver lit up in twinkling lights, it’s beautiful. It feels kind of like the living on Vancouver Island but with the convenience of being practically in Vancouver.

I have started a Pinterest account…like I needed another place to waste my time on the internet. I like this more that Tumblr now…it’s my go-to site aside from Facebook and Twitter. I like the idea of grouping “pins” together. It’s basically a virtual scrapbook/pin board, which is great because I tend to collect cool photos (don’t ask me for what purpose…I don’t know…but Pinterest is the answer!) Take a look if you feel so inclined: http://pinterest.com/danastasyk/

I have also started enjoying my nails…as in painting them. A lot.

It’s kind of a way for me to unwind, aside from reading…but I can’t read at watch a movie at the same time. There’s just so many cool ideas out there for nails…I don’t often do plain nails anymore…not when it’s so easy to do something cool with them! Anyways.

Work has also been great, our office expanded, and not just in people…we knocked down a wall and took over the office space next to ours too! It’s pretty cool to have so much more space. We have a lounge now…complete with bean bag chairs! It’s awesome and ridiculous at the same time, and just one more reason why I love Think! Social Media.

I’m looking forward to summer. Hot, sunny days, full of good tunes and days at the beach. Blue sky…NO RAIN OR CLOUDS.