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On August 18th, just for fun, I entered a Facebook wall contest from Vancouver, Coast & Mountains (VCMBC) to win a pair of tickets to a music festival called Live@Squamish, or Live at Squamish…whatever.

I’d seen ads for this concert for weeks and weeks advertising the awesome line up at this 2 day festival and promptly checked what tickets cost…only to realize they were a little on the expensive side for me – $149 and I don’t think that included camping. I let the thought of me attending slide right back out of my head and proceeded to just glare at the ads in envy. I had really wanted to see John Butler Trio, Weezer, Metric, Girl Talk, Stars and Hey Ocean (those were the main ones I was interested in seeing – I knew John Butler Trio after my time in Australia, and I know Metric, Weezer and Girl Talk. I was interested in seeing the last 2 after doing a wee bit of research.)

So when I was cruising Facebook at work, while waiting on hold during a phone call I was making, and I saw VCMBC’s facebook post:

“Six hours to win 2 tickets for Live at Squamish Folks! Leave a comment on this post, we pick one winner today, 3 pm!! Ticktockticktock…”

And figured “Ahh what the hell” and added my comment. “OMG Whenever I see the billboards for this concert I get GREEN with envy! Metric….John Butler Trio….Girl Talk…those are some of my favourite musicians!!”

Later on during the day at 3pm I was on another phone call when I got a Skype notification on my mac, but being on the phone call I decided I would check it after. About 5 mins later Helen stuck her head into the room where I was working, saw I was on the phone and deeked out again. This is when I thought that notification might have been important so the called ended and I saw Helen’s comment, which was copied and pasted from VCMBC’s Facebook wall – “Vancouver, Coast & Mountains: Congrats to Dana Marie – you won 2 tickets for Live@Squamish this weekend!”

Needless to say I had a small freak out. Fortunately Patty was happy to come with me and Helen and her boyfriend Adam were going as well, so we started making plans to carpool and camp together.

Neither Patty and I had a tent, and fortunately Canadian Tire was having a sale, so on Friday we went out and got some camping gear – Tent, tarp, LED Battery operated lantern etc. We packed everything up that night and then hit the road Saturday afternoon when Helen and Adam came and picked us up.

There was an initial hiccup once we got to the Logger Sports Grounds, where the festival was being held. My camping pass was for on-site camping and Helen and Adam’s was for off-site camping…which was about 10kms up the road!! This really didn’t fly with us so Geoff – the head campground guy – came and checked us out, figured it would be fine and swapped the off-site camping package for an on-site package so they could be with us! It was super cool of him and definitely was an excellent start to the weekend!

After we had all set up, we simply sat around for a while, made friends with the 2 Russian guys camped next to us, and had a few drinks. The concerts didn’t start until 3:30 and were split between 2 different stages. We didn’t end up heading into the grounds until after 6pm, we caught the tail end of Hey Ocean, followed by the Stars and then my favourite of the whole weekend – John Butler Trio.

Girl Talk was after John Butler Trio, but I left to go hangout at the tents with the 2 Russians, since you could hear the stage just fine from the tents instead of being in the press of the crowd.

The following morning, with a minimum of hangover damage to myself, we did the whole thing again! I was up at 9:30am-ish, so were the 2 Russians next door, so we sat around, had breakfast and enjoyed the cooler morning after the heat of the day before. Our group walked down to a nearby river with the intention of swimming…but it was mountain melt water so it was bone-achingly cold. We didn’t end up doing more than wade up to our knees and splashing about a bit.

We packed up the majority of our camp things before heading into the grounds later that afternoon, and we met up with another coworker – Phil, and then we all cruised the various vendors around the grounds, something we hadn’t done the day before. Then our group split up, Patty and I headed back to the tent (which we hadn’t taken down yet) and ended up playing cards games with the 2 Russians, who taught us a Russian card game called “Durak” – a lot of fun! After we finally tore all our stuff down, we trooped in to see Metric perform. We didn’t stay for Weezer, since they were playing too late for us to still get back to Vancouver at a decent hour, unpack all our stuff and then still be up for work the next day.

All in all it was a very awesome first time experience for me! I’ve been to music concerts…but nothing like this, so it was definitely worth the trip, and I was lucky enough to go on free tickets!!

A BIG thank you to Vancouver Coast and Mountains!!


Cool things at Think!

So now that I’ve been at Think! for a week I’ve come to like quite a few things about the office and the people of course.

Today, I finally got to meet William Bakker, one of the chief strategists at Think! although not for too long since he had something else to go do with Rodney. I also got to meet Ben Vadasz last Friday, although that wasn’t for too long either, since I had to leave to catch the ferry for the Island.

The urgent "To Do" list

At the office they have some really cool knick knacks floating around! Such as this really cool “To Do” list:

Most awesome stamps ever

And there is also their really cool Facebook “like” and “dislike” stamps! Needless to say I’ve stamped a couple things…

I also finished off quite a few tasks, on my first week so far I’ve done:

  1. 11 pages of tourism and business media in North America, Canada, British Columbia, Alberta, Vancouver and Vancouver Island.
  2. A media list of supporters and opposition for the Calgary Stampede.
  3. Tweets and Facebook posts for Camping and RVing BC Coalition and the Travelling in BC pages.
  4. A list of blogs in the Calgary area (similar influence as Miss 604 in Vancouver).
  5. Researched the locations, contact info and dates of State Tourism Conference’s and/or Governor’s Tourism Conferences for every State in the USA.

So it’s been a great start. I’ve enjoyed working at Think! so far because I haven’t been given menial tasks to do! No paper shredding, coffee runs, or other secretarial tasks…I’ve simply been handed a real task and that’s that…as you can see in the list above. We all work in one big off so I have no problem asking questions if I have them. Everyone has been super friendly to me and they’re quite a fun, and easy going group considering all the work they do!

I have some pictures of the work space at Think! so here they are:

View from the entry way of Think! The office space and extends more to the right around the corner of the Boardroom. The Kitchen is on the left around the corner of the counter. Through the little doorway you can see 2 of the team members at Think! Phil, and Rodney.

This is the view to the right of the above image, the main workspace at Think! and I sit at the back right corner of this table

And this the view to the left of the first image, showing a bit of the kitchen space. This is also the view from my seat.

First Day At Think!

Part of my PR program’s second year requirement is for the students to spend a month of their last semester doing an unpaid internship (sometimes it can be paid…but rarely). So the second year  get increasingly stressful until BAM you’re on your practicum…plus you’re responsible for finding your own practicum. So far this semester we’ve planned a huge event (where we raised over $10,000) and had the regular 4 months worth of classes and projects crammed into 3 months. This is then followed by our month-long practicum/internship and then a couple more projects due in April before we’re done! So the practicum basically signals the end of our schooling…which is a combination of “Hooray!” and “Oh shit…” So there’s an interesting mix of excitement and nervousness!

Carrying on…with all that said, yesterday was my first day of my practicum! This year the ‘month’ goes from March 7th to April 1st. So here I am!

I’m working with Think! Social Media for my practicum, a small, fun group based out of a building in Yaletown just up the street from the Yaletown-Roundhouse Skytrain stop. They’re a social media agency with a focus in the tourism industry. On their website it very accurately describes that they provide “Social Media solutions for the Tourism industry”. About 90% of their work is in BC and rest is spread through Alberta and a couple other locations.

Yesterday I was tasked on compiling a media list for them, including some of the major media sources and tourism/marketing media from North America, Canada, BC, Vancouver area, and Vancouver Island…so far I’m on 7.5 pages and I haven’t even started on Alberta yet! Overall yesterday was a great start! I felt productive and got a fair bit done.

On a more casual note Rodney Payne, the founder and executive director, took Robyn, Phil and I out to lunch at the Hurricane Grill in Yaletown. I’d never been there before and it was quite good!

I also wrote Happy Birthday on a whiteboard for Will one of the other Think!ers.

Myself, Robyn, Rodney and Phil

As for today, my second day at Think! I believe it will be more of the same = working on the media list and a couple other tasks. It is Rodney’s birthday today and Phil brought some balloons and little Happy Birthday hats that we were wearing…but everyone has gradually taken them off (Mine was the last one standing, hahaha).

Anyway, back to work!