Cool things at Think!

So now that I’ve been at Think! for a week I’ve come to like quite a few things about the office and the people of course.

Today, I finally got to meet William Bakker, one of the chief strategists at Think! although not for too long since he had something else to go do with Rodney. I also got to meet Ben Vadasz last Friday, although that wasn’t for too long either, since I had to leave to catch the ferry for the Island.

The urgent "To Do" list

At the office they have some really cool knick knacks floating around! Such as this really cool “To Do” list:

Most awesome stamps ever

And there is also their really cool Facebook “like” and “dislike” stamps! Needless to say I’ve stamped a couple things…

I also finished off quite a few tasks, on my first week so far I’ve done:

  1. 11 pages of tourism and business media in North America, Canada, British Columbia, Alberta, Vancouver and Vancouver Island.
  2. A media list of supporters and opposition for the Calgary Stampede.
  3. Tweets and Facebook posts for Camping and RVing BC Coalition and the Travelling in BC pages.
  4. A list of blogs in the Calgary area (similar influence as Miss 604 in Vancouver).
  5. Researched the locations, contact info and dates of State Tourism Conference’s and/or Governor’s Tourism Conferences for every State in the USA.

So it’s been a great start. I’ve enjoyed working at Think! so far because I haven’t been given menial tasks to do! No paper shredding, coffee runs, or other secretarial tasks…I’ve simply been handed a real task and that’s that…as you can see in the list above. We all work in one big off so I have no problem asking questions if I have them. Everyone has been super friendly to me and they’re quite a fun, and easy going group considering all the work they do!

I have some pictures of the work space at Think! so here they are:

View from the entry way of Think! The office space and extends more to the right around the corner of the Boardroom. The Kitchen is on the left around the corner of the counter. Through the little doorway you can see 2 of the team members at Think! Phil, and Rodney.

This is the view to the right of the above image, the main workspace at Think! and I sit at the back right corner of this table

And this the view to the left of the first image, showing a bit of the kitchen space. This is also the view from my seat.


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